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When Is It Time To Repair My Foundation?

Jan 10, 2024 | Uncategorized

As we all know, a house just doesn’t feel like home without a solid foundation. In addition to the impact foundation problems may have on your home’s ability to protect you from outside elements, the unsettling feelings caused by these issues often cause stress on the whole family. When foundation problems are confirmed we recommend taking steps forward toward the process.

Is There A Best Season For Foundation Repair?

Truth is an experienced professional contractor can repair your foundation at any time of the year. Many people whose homes need interior work, prefer to have work done from fall to spring when temperatures are more moderate. An additional advantage of this season is that the soil conditions are more balanced than in the recent hotter seasons we’ve had lately.

All that said, if issues arise with your foundation, we recommend not waiting for a specific season. Because foundation problems can escalate and cause more damage to the other systems of your home, we recommend staying on the side of caution and proceeding with repairs expeditiously. Whenever your foundation problems are diagnosed, an AlphaLift project manager can walk you through the process and how it may vary depending on the season repairs are likely to proceed.

Signs Of Foundation Problems In North Texas

This is the season we all tend to spend more time around the house and start to notice things. Just this past Sunday I was watching a football game at a friend’s house, and he started to notice interior cracks he’d previously not seen. The best time to have your foundation inspection is as soon as these signs start to show up. Though sometimes cosmetic defects may not be signs of foundation issues, it’s best to have things checked out to determine what’s going on with the structure.

Just as a reminder, some visible signs of foundation issues can be all of the following:

  • Interior Wall Cracks (vertical, horizontal, or corner cracks by doors or windows)
  • Chimney Cracks
  • Brick Cracks (Stair-stepping)
  • Concrete or Tile Flooring Cracks
  • Exterior Foundation Cracks
  • Expansion Joint Separation
  • Baseboard or Molding Separation
  • Wood Flooring Separation
  • Roof Leaks
  • Plumbing Issues

ALPHALIFT Provides Free Inspections

Regardless of the sign, it’s best to get a handle on things so that the situation can be diagnosed and a plan forward can be determined. If there is indeed a foundation issue, determining the extent of the problem and closely monitoring the situation until repair is always the right move in order to keep costly repairs to a minimum.

As always, your local DFW AlphaLift experts are here to help with any questions or concerns you may be having with your home. We’re your neighbors and we want you to rest assured knowing your home’s foundation is 100% stable moving forward.

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