Our promise to our customers

As the leader in DFW foundation repair, ALPHALIFT stands behind all our steel pier foundation repairs with a lifetime warranty! Because our steel pier system is of the highest quality and our expert work crews install our piers with utmost skill and excellence, ALPHALIFT provides a lifetime warranty to all steel pier foundation repair customers with the highest level of confidence!

Our Warranty Is Honest And Very Simple

  1. Lifetime protection against future foundation settlement- Warrants workmanship and materials of all steel piers installed for life!
  2. No inspection fee- while some companies charge customers to perform warranty inspections, our process is much different. The AlphaLift team is more than happy to schedule a warranty inspection at no cost to make certain our repairs are performing properly.
  3. No transfer fee- many companies charge a fee to transfer your warranty upon sale as a tactic to void warranties. At AlphaLift our warranty is much different! While we do require the foundation warranty to be transferred upon sale, there’s no fee involved whatsoever! The transfer is all about AlphaLift getting to know the new homeowner and helping the new owner understand the work performed and warranty coverage.

Warranty Transfer

To transfer your warranty please submit your details below. An ALPHALIFT team member will be in touch shortly to confirm the transfer and provide any documentation needed.

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