At AlphaLift, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We rely on having happy customers in order to earn our next customers. Check out a few AlphaLift testimonials from previous customers:

“Dan and his crew did an outstanding work on our foundation. We couldn’t be happier. They delivered. Thanks again AlphaLift.”

–Alan J.

“Brent and team made the needed repair as painless as possible. They were very professional from the estimate visit, through the prep and pier placement, the actual lifting and leveling, the punch list, clean-up, and follow-up. The approach Brent explained during the estimate visit was carried out just as he had described. A competent and conscientious foreman was on site at all times and they actually finished slightly ahead of schedule. I would recommend AlphaLift – they really care. Their quality workmanship and customer interaction show it.”

–Terry T.

“We want to thank Alex and the entire AlphaLift crew (Joe, Oscar, Juan, et al.) for a job well done. They were quick, professional and courteous. They made a difficult experience easier to deal with.”

–Tom S.

“Thank you very much for a job well done! You guys are very professional and you made the whole process painless!”


“Robert and the entire crew were very professional and hard workers. My amazement was in how they bagged the dirt and made a very small hole for the lifting jacks. They did an excellent job from start to finish.”

–Bruce F.

“THE BEST house leveling company in Texas, not only did Joe, Alex and the rest of the guys lift my home they lifted the stress and worry off my shoulders. I was so anxious, overwrought and even lost sleep about the cracks in my walls. I had about 8 other estimates and they either used scare and pressure tactics or did not seem reputable or were just outrageously overpriced. But, Alphalift to the rescue. I would urge anyone needing foundation repair to use AlphaLift. They are amazing.”

–Carina K.

“I had heard amazing things about AlphaLift, but they exceeded every expectation I had when they corrected my foundation! Brent is an amazing professional and came personally to inspect our property. We are built on a hill and naturally had some settling over the years. Brent immediately put me at ease by showing me all of the measurements and explaining the lifting process. Once the crew came out and started the job, it was clear that I had made the correct choice by going with AlphaLift. They were so accurate and clean with their work, and when they were finished you could barely tell the soil had been disturbed! I would absolutely recommend AlphaLift to anybody looking for a permanent, guaranteed solution to your foundation issues from the best company in the business!”

–Phil P.

“Thank you Dan and the crew of AlphaLift for a great job done on my house foundation. Very happy with the outcome.”

–Eleazar C.

“I’ve had AlphaLift repair 2 houses I’ve lived in the past. The repair has always been installed in a nice and clean manner, with minimal disruption to our family’s normal life. I’ve seen the other guys out there… No one is better than AlphaLift!”

–Scott Z.

“I would like to compliment AlphaLift on their professionalism with our inspection today. Lucky for us our inspection was a positive one. However, when we need this type of service you can bet we’ll be calling them back & most importantly would highly recommend AlphaLift Foundation Repair.”

–Annamarie M.

“AlphaLift made the entire process so easy. Though I got other estimates first, I was at ease immediately when I met Dan and his team of professionals. Their knowledge and attention to detail was exceptional. Most Importantly, I’ve never again had problems with my home.”

–Denise S.

“I had these guys over an estimate and I was so happy to learn I didn’t have problem. They showed me exactly what was wrong with my home and it wasn’t a foundation issue at all.”

–Richard L.

“My first house to buy and sure enough, problems came within the second year. I was worried about the cost of repairing my house the right way, but AlphaLift was surprisingly better priced than some of the cheaper looking alternatives. They set things up immediately and made the repair while I was at work everyday. I couldn’t be more happy! Thanks AlphaLift!!”

–Jessica T.

“The AlphaLift crew helps me save money every year. As a property manager in DFW, I count on foundation issues. These guys respond quick, and make sure we never see the issues again! I highly recommend calling AlphaLift over anyone else.”

–Marshall H.


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