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AlphaLift delivers foundation repair services to homeowners in The Colony ensuring structural integrity and lasting peace of mind. Our services cover the entire city, from the new Grandscape development to established neighborhoods near Lake Lewisville. We’ve customized our approach to address The Colony’s specific soil and construction challenges. While The Colony offers an exceptional quality of life, the North Texas clay soils can challenge even the most well-built homes.

That’s where our specialized knowledge in The Colony foundation repair comes in. With over two decades of experience serving The Colony and surrounding areas, we’ve mastered the art of foundation repair in this rapidly growing city. Our team has successfully stabilized homes in every corner of The Colony, from the established neighborhoods to the newer developments. At AlphaLift, we don’t just fix foundations; we protect The Colony’s homes for generations to come. Our AlphaLift Steel Pier System provides unmatched stability even in unpredictable soil conditions. Best of all, our solutions come with a Lifetime Warranty, giving you peace of mind as the city continues to grow and thrive. Call AlphaLift today for your free estimate for The Colony foundation repair services.

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The Colony’s unique geography and soil composition present specific challenges for homeowners. Located just south to southeast of Lake Lewisville, the area consists of moderately deep to deep upland prairie and deep bottom land soils with high clay content and slow permeability. While most lots in The Colony are well-drained and range from nearly level to moderately steep, this diverse terrain contributes to a variety of foundation issues.
The proximity to Lake Lewisville means many properties deal with fluctuating soil moisture levels, especially during cycles of drought followed by heavy rains. This expansion and contraction of our clay-rich soils can significantly impact foundations, leading to problems like uneven floors, sticking doors, and wall cracks.

We’ve observed that foundation issues in The Colony often correlate with the natural grade of the lot. Wider footprint homes frequently experience varying elevations with settlement on the perimeters, while smaller-footprint homes tend to tilt in one direction. This pattern of settlement differs between older sections of The Colony and newer developments, each presenting unique challenges.

Our team is aware of Lewisville’s distinct foundation challenges. We’re well-versed in local soil conditions, climate impacts, and typical structural issues, enabling us to deliver tailored, effective repair solutions for area homeowners. When using steel piers, we typically install them at depths between 24 and 36 feet, ensuring a solid foundation that accounts for The Colony’s soil characteristics.

The Colony’s rapid growth, evidenced by developments like Grandscape and the expansion along State Highway 121, has introduced new variables to the local foundation landscape. As providers of The Colony foundation repair services, we stay ahead of these changes, continually adapting our techniques to meet the evolving needs of the community.
Our approach to foundation repair in The Colony goes beyond just fixing immediate problems. We consider factors unique to the area, such as:

  • The impact of nearby Lake Lewisville on soil moisture levels
  • The effects of new large-scale developments on surrounding properties
  • The specific soil composition and drainage patterns in different parts of The Colony

By taking all these factors into account, we provide comprehensive foundation repair solutions that address both current issues and potential future problems. Whether you’re in a charming older home or a new build in a developing area, AlphaLift is here to ensure your foundation remains as solid as the community spirit. Contact us today for a free assessment of your foundation repair needs. Let’s work together to keep The Colony’s homes strong, stable, and ready for whatever the future brings!

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“Dan and his crew did an outstanding work on our foundation. We couldn’t be happier. They delivered. Thanks again AlphaLift.”

–Alan J

“We want to thank Alex and the entire AlphaLift crew (Joe, Oscar, Juan, et al.) for a job well done. They were quick, professional and courteous. They made a difficult experience easier to deal with.”

–Tom S.

“Robert and the entire crew were very professional and hard workers. My amazement was in how they bagged the dirt and made a very small hole for the lifting jacks. They did an excellent job from start to finish.”

–Bruce F.


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