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Our steel pier system drives to the bedrock every time – giving your home foundation real support.  Once installed, there is no future maintenance.


Denton is more than a Dallas suburb – it’s a vibrant city with a lively college-town vibe, and thriving arts and music scenes. For Denton homeowners, the area’s expansive clay soils are a foundation repair nightmare waiting to happen. Don’t let foundation problems caused by Denton’s soil conditions prevent you from taking full advantage of everything this city has to offer.

For reliable Denton foundation repair, turn to AlphaLift. Our 25+ years of expertise provide permanent solutions tailored to North Texas soil. We’ve completed thousands of concrete slab, slab-on-grade, and beam repairs with unparalleled service at competitive prices. Our AlphaLift Steel Pier Solutions can be installed with minimal impact on your life and comes with the strongest Lifetime Warranty you can find. As a local company, we understand Denton homeowners’ needs, delivering hassle-free results for foundations, drainage, and plumbing. Experience peace of mind with a stable foundation from AlphaLift. Embrace Denton living fully – call today for a free estimate on your Denton foundation repair.

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The expansive clay soils throughout Denton and North Texas pose a significant challenge for homeowners and builders. These highly absorbent, clay-rich soils exhibit a “swell-shrink” behavior. Denton’s expansive soil impacts home foundations by shrinking and contracting when dry, but significantly expanding when wet, similar to a sponge.
Denton foundation repair can be challenging due to its high smectite clay content, one of the most expansive clay varieties. This continuous soil expansion and contraction puts immense stress on building foundations. If not properly accounted for during construction, it often leads to major foundation issues over time for homes and businesses in the area.
The signs of foundation damage from Denton’s expansive soils are hard to miss – cracked walls and ceilings, doors and windows that stick or won’t close properly, floors that slope or bounce, and chimneys or porches that begin leaning precariously.

To combat this during Denton foundation repair, home builders should take extra precautions such as:

  • Using suspended reinforced concrete slab foundations rather than slab-on-grade
  • Installing piers or beams to support the foundation
  • Ensuring proper soil compaction and moisture control around foundations

For existing properties, identifying and repairing foundation issues promptly is vital to avoid further, more severe structural damage. Left unchecked, the effects of Denton’s expansive, swell-shrink soil movements can result in costly repairs for homeowners and businesses down the line. Call AlphaLift for lasting Denton foundation repair solutions by a team that understands Denton’s unique soil challenges and property owners’ needs.


25+ Years Serving DENTON and the Rest of Texas

AlphaLift’s foundation repair specialists handle every project phase. Our seasoned managers personally oversee evaluations to completions, delivering open communication and lasting results that restore structural integrity to your property


From Our Denton Customers:

“Dan and his crew did an outstanding work on our foundation. We couldn’t be happier. They delivered. Thanks again AlphaLift.”

–Alan J

“We want to thank Alex and the entire AlphaLift crew (Joe, Oscar, Juan, et al.) for a job well done. They were quick, professional and courteous. They made a difficult experience easier to deal with.”

–Tom S.

“Robert and the entire crew were very professional and hard workers. My amazement was in how they bagged the dirt and made a very small hole for the lifting jacks. They did an excellent job from start to finish.”

–Bruce F.


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