Scheduling Your Home Foundation Repair Project

Oct 4, 2023 | Uncategorized

At this point in 2023 you may already know your home has foundation issues and you’re ready to take steps forward!  If this is so, congratulations! …You’ve made a very wise decision!

Though you can rely on the professionals at AlphaLift Foundation Repair to handle all details and perform your repair with perfection, we do recommend customers consider a few things as we move towards performing the project.

Here are some important steps to take in order to get the ball moving in the right direction:

#1) Schedule an updated inspection/ estimate.

If it’s been more than 6 months since your home was inspected or if we’ve yet to perform an inspection/ estimate, please call our office and let’s set up a new appointment at your earliest convenience. Based on the extreme climate we’ve all experienced in 2023, it’s very possible your foundation’s status may be different than it was earlier this year (or whenever it was last inspected).  Hopefully this isn’t the case, but as always we prefer to cover bases ahead of time so that there are no surprises come project time.

#2) Consider the holiday’s and let’s be strategic together.

As we all know, the last 3 months of the year tend to fly by! That combined with this year’s excess of foundation problems can add up to make scheduling tricky around the 2023 holidays! Though we strive hard to always work on our customer’s preferred schedule, it helps us to get as much notice as possible. If indeed you are proceeding with repairs this season, we recommend calling us sooner than later in order to make certain we can accommodate your scheduling preferences!

#3) Consider the logistics of the project in regards to your work schedule.

Though most of our foundation projects are performed entirely from outside of the home, there will be a time in the repair process when interior access is needed for monitoring elevations.  Though it’s not absolutely necessary, we try to coordinate this with your work schedule so that you can be there when we need to come inside. Most of our customers really enjoy seeing the expertise of this stage first hand and we like our customers to see the positive changes and results as they’re happening in real time!  Additionally, this is normally the stage when engineers prefer to come onsite, inspect and certify the project.  In our experience, customers seem to really enjoy meeting and speaking with the engineer associated with their repair project.

Bottom line is AlphaLift Foundation Repair loves all aspects of our repair process and we want you to be involved as much or as little as you prefer. Some customers choose to leave and come home when the entire project is complete… and that’s 100% ok too! In all cases we do our best to provide an accurate estimated project time frame, and strive to stay on that schedule! All the while, your project manager will be in contact and communicate through each stage until perfect completion and certification!  AlphaLift Foundation Repair is the leader in both customer service and concrete slab foundation repair. We look forward to proving this to you first hand!

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