How Do I Protect My DFW Concrete Slab Foundation From Water?

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It’s no secret that a healthy foundation is essential for a home to stand the test of time! As the base of your home, your foundation supports the entire structure and when compromised, can result in damage to many other systems of the home as well.

Excess moisture can be one of the chief problems for maintaining a healthy concrete slab foundation. When water collects around your house for one reason or another, the saturated soil around the foundation expands, putting pressure on the foundation. This can result in foundation cracks and leaks that allow water to seep into slab potentially causing all sorts of other problems.  In addition to mold issues and electrical issues, this upward movement can (over time) weaken a concrete slab foundation, which eventually can lead to excessive settlement when rains subside and the soil dries out.

To prevent any such costly scenario, keep water away from your property as much as possible. Here are a few steps you can take:

#1 Maintain Good Drainage

First, make sure the ground around your house is graded properly. Most experts recommend that the soil slope 6 inches for every 10 feet away from the foundation. If this is not the case, add dense soil to create proper grading that will allow water to flow downhill away from the home.

#2 Install a French Drain Around Your Foundation

A French drain is a gravel- or rock-filled trench with an embedded perforated pipe that directs water away from the house. French drains operate under the principle that water flows downhill and by the easiest route possible. After water runs into the trench, it flows through the pipe, which empties a safe distance from the house. Depending on your situation, you may need a French drain on one side of your home or on several sides.

#3 Clean Your Rain Gutters Regularly

When gutters are clogged with debris, water won’t drain away properly and can spill over the sides, pool in your yard, and eventually seep into the foundation. Fortunately, you can easily avoid this by cleaning your gutters at least twice every year, and while you’re doing that, check your gutter system for any necessary repairs. If your gutters are badly damaged, or if you don’t have gutters at all, contact a gutter professional. Gutter installation is an easy and cost-effective way to protect your foundation and the rest of your home.

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